The 5 simple yoga postures anyone can do for a better life

Posted on : 05/18/2017
With the increasing pace of the rat race, it has become really difficult to find time for anything, but work. Health is one of these things that we tend to ignore for the sake of our professional life. We just do not have any time for ourselves anymore. However, bear one thing in mind that this is not a sustainable way to live. Even if you have no time to go to a gym, you can still have a healthy lifestyle by going out for a jog, eating well, or practicing one of the most popular practices of the modern times – Yoga. Practicing yoga regularly will have a visible change in your body and help you think more clearly. Here are 5 simple postures that you can do in a fairly short time and that will help you to lead a healthier and a fuller life.
1. Bajrasana
How to Do It: Sit on a mat in a kneeling position. Now, spread the heels apart to make a seat for yourself and keep the big toes together. Make sure that your head, spine and your shoulder are straight. Now, keep your palms on your knees and maintain this position for a minimum of 5 minutes. You can practice Bajrasana as long as you feel comfortable. Usually, a 15 to 20-minute session is enough.
Benefits: This is the only posture in yoga that you can perform after a meal. Bajrasana is highly recommended for people who suffer from problems of indigestion, high blood pressure, heart ailments, pain in the calves or the knees, and hypertension.
2. Kapalbhati
How to Do It: Sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana with your hands on your knees and the palms facing outwards. This is a breathing exercise, so take a breath in and pull your stomach in when you breathe out. Pull the stomach in as much as possible. All you need to do now is repeat the process as many times and as quickly as possible. Twenty repetitions complete one set of Kapalbhati
Benefit: It assists in attaining a flat belly, helps in removing signs of ageing, and also helps in better digestion. So, if you have been struggling to give your tummy the perfect shape, Kapalbhati may be the miracle you had been waiting for.
3. Om Mantra
How to Do It: Take position in Sukhasana or Padmasana and keep your neck and spine straight. Put your hands on your knees with the palms facing outward. Make sure that the tip of the thumb is touching the tip of your index finger, this is called the Gyanmudra. Now start chanting ‘Om’. You can start with a 5-minute chant and go up to 20 to 25 minutes.
Benefit: This posture is a stress buster. So, it is beneficial for people with conditions of the heart, blood pressure, gastric problems, and indigestion. This also helps in improving concentration.

4. Ardh Matsyendrasana
How to Do It: Sit on the floor with a straight back and the legs stretched out in front. Position the left knee as if you are sitting cross-legged. Take the right leg and put it over the left leg with the heel of the right leg close to the knee of the left leg. Put the right hand behind you and start twisting your spine. Support your posture by putting the right elbow on the right knee. Do not push yourself too much. You should stop at the point you start feeling uncomfortable.
Benefit: It helps in improving the flexibility of the spine, hip and the chest. This especially helps people who have sedentary jobs and do not get to move these joints on a regular basis. It is also known expand an individual’s breathing capacity, which means that you will develop more stamina for jogging and running. It will have quite a similar effect to a cardio in a gym.

5. Shavasana
How to Do It: Lie down on your back on a mat. In this position, your legs should be shoulder-length apart and your toes should be facing in opposite directions. Your arms should also be resting apart from your body. Close your eyes and observe the rhythm of your breathing.
Benefit: It is a relaxing position, and is usually done at the end of a Yoga session. This is also a good position for those who struggle with stress and lack of concentration. After doing Shavasana you will really feel at peace.

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