How the Trolls are Making French Election Bearable

Posted on : 05/18/2017
France recently concluded its Presidential elections, and the results have been a pleasant surprise for everyone. Perhaps, it might sound a bit odd that we are relieved to have a French President who is youthful, is a former investment banker, and has little political experience to show for. On the other hand, his opponent was a career politician, whose father was a career politician whom she promptly kicked out of his own party to take over its reigns completely.
Although she has distanced herself from both her father and his party in the recent years, she is as much of a racist as her father. And guess what, she was one of the favorites to win the election this year!
Le Pen had been campaigning for her presidency on a far right platform. She campaigned to get France out of the EU. Everything she says strongly reminds everyone of Donald Trump. Her words echo “France First” on the lines of Trump’s “America First”. All of this has drastic repercussions on everything. For starters, a Frexit could mean the end of the EU as we know it. EU is presently the biggest free trading economic bloc in the world. Apart from trillions of losses to the economies of the EU over the years, it can have even darker implications. The EU was formed in the aftermath of the WWII. The idea was that if the European countries were overly dependent on each other’s economic success, then they would have far less incentive to start a war against each other. Plus, any economic downturn in EU translates to a global economic burst because of the state of current globalization. 
For all these reasons, the French and the world alike were watching the unfolding elections with a heavy heart, because the trauma of the recent American Presidential Elections was still raw. Yet, everyone except the French were helpless, just as everyone except the Americans were in November last year. A sense of gloom was spreading across the world, and the only question on everyone’s mind was – where is the world heading with this new wave of protectionism, xenophobia, and alt-right groups? Thankfully, the centrist, Emmanuel Macron, won the elections, and the fears of another domino (France) falling to madness has been averted. But, the only thing that made the entire ordeal bearable for observers is the antics of trolls. Yes, the very trolls who always ruin everything nice with their odd sense of humor, were the very people who kept up everyone’s smiles.
Don’t believe us? Here, look at these hilarious tweets.
“THE WORLD: please don't be racist please don't be racist 
FRANCE: ah mon ami, we are only 35% raciste
THE WORLD: thank god”
“In France the loser of an election is forced to be portrayed by Russell Crowe in the musical adaptation.” - Jesse McLaren
“Weird how open racism is more of a prerequisite for being called a "populist" than actually being the more popular candidate is.” – Josh Gondelman
Oh, they didn’t stop there. There were more once the election results were out. Check these out. 
“At least now the French have a good reason to be condescending to Americans.” – Franklin Leonard
“Best thing that's happened to France since Johnny Depp moved back to America.” – Tom Henry
“Le Pen: Vote for me, I'm like Trump!
” – Dab Aggin
“The French election was not truly democratic. For one thing, they seem to have a system where the person with the most votes wins.” – Frank Conniff
Of course, the trolls weren’t all here for the fun. The French election attracted a huge number of right wing extremists from the US. A number of groups, organizations, and people associated with Trump’s campaign, who were known to be spreading fake news and alternate facts, were also see trying to affect the French election. Thankfully, the cultural gap and the language barrier prevented them from making any noticeable impact. Moreover, the French elections were being fought on issues that were local to France. The right wing fanaticism from America did not ring any bell to them simply because their society’s problems are largely different from those in the US. And, thank god for that. 
This was such a relieving moment that someone special from the US couldn’t contain her happiness. “Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world. Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can't talk about that)” tweeted Hillary Clinton.
We couldn’t agree with her more. 
But, the battle is only half won. Towards the end of this year, both Britain and Germany are heading for polls of their own. And, things do not like good there as well. We hope the widely hated internet trolls come back for another season of gags and laughter when the election days arrive. Clearly, these are difficult times, if we are seeking refuge with trolls. 

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